Veterans Fishing

Helping Veterans get off “bored”, and on board.

We are Veteran owned have created a brand that directly represents Veteran Anglers from the US Military. With the sale of apparel and accessories from our stores, we take 50% of the proceeds and donate that money directly to veterans specifically for fishing trips and/or fishing gear.

Owner Profile

Matt Ferry

My name is Matt aka @veteranfishingfrom Maine, but now live in Massachusetts. I have fished all over the country and have worked as a fisherman too. It's my life. I am also a 4 year veteran of the Marine Corps and served in OIF 1,2 & Phantom Fury. I know a lot of guys like me find peace and excitement at the same time through angling of all kinds. Marine first, fisherman (very close) second. Every Veteran angler has his resume, so here’s a quick snapshot of mine. Been fishing since I can remember. I’ve worked on boats, Fished in 12 states, working my way through my fish bucket list (especially for those who aren’t with us anymore). I’m a mere 29 species in, with MANY more to go!! That’s another goal of our site: Share experiences, fishing destinations, gear reviews and most of all...YOUR FISH PICS!