Veterans Produce

Community Gardens that feed Homeless Veterans

Veterans face many challenges; hunger shouldn’t be one of them. Food is the most basic human need. Yet, not everyone is fortunate enough to have something to eat whenever they’re hungry.

This is a struggle that a lot of our brothers and sisters have to go through every single day. The uncertainty of where to get the next meal or if they will be able to have one. Some even had to go for days without eating or having roofs over their heads.

We at Veterans Produce do agriculture differently…via aquaponics, and for a different reason…to feed our nations’ veterans. As a retired Navy Chief, I can tell you the issue of homelessness and food insecurity hits me hard in the chest. Veterans Produce is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that builds community gardens to feed veterans and their families.  We have our first community greenhouse located in Lewisville, TX. We are serious about eradicating food insecurity within the ranks of our veterans and are expanding to meet the need.

Come visit to see how by extending our garden we can feed numerous homeless and food-insecure veterans and needing families in N. Texas. Follow us Veterans Produce, sign up at, or check out our YouTube videos and learn how we are dealing with veteran hunger one community at a time.

– Chief USN(ret)

Owner Profile

T.C. Beckett

Welcome to Veterans Produce. My name is T.C. Beckett, I am a retired Chief Petty Officer from the U.S. Navy. Having lived on a farm in southern Indiana, I recognized the benefit of harvesting healthy food grown from our own local garden. Wanting to continue to benefit from growing my own local food more effectively, I adopted the aquaponic gardening technique when I moved to Texas. It is this technique that allows us to grow 8-10Xs more food per sq ft', 30% faster, 46% more nutritious while using 90% less water than traditional gardening to feed homeless and food-insecure veterans. It is our privilege to care for our nation’s struggling heroes, and we are honored that you share this same commitment. - Chief