Vindicated Veterans

Non-Profit assisting veterans looking for vindication

The mission is simple! Veterans are suffering every single day from all sorts of societal issues. Let’s begin the healing process and break you free from the chains that continue to keep you down! I have worked within the industry of “helping veterans” and can say firsthand that not everyone is afforded a fair and equal opportunity or accessibility to a variety of assistance promised to us as Veterans. After serving nearly 13 years and transitioning to a civilian lifestyle, I was told that the VA categorized me as a “disabled veteran”. That was a very hard pill to swallow and it wasn’t something I was willing to accept at first. I quickly realized that the traumas from my military experiences and combat deployments have effected me as a person. I was able to link the trauma from my service to the harm I was continuing to cause myself and others with my addictions. This was my key to realize what I needed to do for true happiness. I am proud to say that I have been sober for nearly a year and this whole year has changed my life. I have been fortunate through my journey to finally find the healing that’s possible and available to every single veteran out there. However, I see the flaw in the system and not every veteran is being afforded the same chances at healing and freedom. I know something has to be done so I am drawing the line in the sand. After over a year of planning and strategizing the time has come to finally afford ALL veterans the chance. I am fulfilling my vision to develop a house of healing. A place of resiliency and energy focused based atmosphere to find resolve, hope and the healing many of us veterans deserve. This isn’t just a place for veterans but a place for everyone looking for guidance and direction to reach their highest potentials. I will strive to provide nothing but the best going forward to give everyone the tools and mental power to overcome some of life’s toughest challenges. This is just the beginning and I won’t stop until every single brick has been laid and every veteran has the care and respect they once had while serving. It’s time to find that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for! Let’s begin it here at Vindicated Veterans!

Owner Profile

Tyler Adams

Served in the U.S. Air Force for 13 years as military police, confinement NCO and protective service agent. During my time in the Air Force I suffered from alcoholism and PTSD only for things to amplify to the max once I separated and called it quits. Shortly after separation I was awarded 100% p&t from the VA and wasn't sure how to handle that label. It took me lots of therapy and time to really find the healing needed to give me the best life possible going forward. I have put all my blood, sweat and tears to create my vision here at Vindicated Veterans to ensure EVERY single veteran gets the honor they once had and ALWAYS deserved!