Ynot Sin Pelo Ent.

When Others ask why we ask Y NOT

We can shoot any of your projects for you. Our specialty is running and gunning and making the shots happen!

Owner Profile

Rydell Danzie

I have enjoyed photography for the past twenty years. I enjoy taking photojournalistic, portrait, and nature photographs. My photos have been featured in numerous magazines and ads in the United States and abroad. For each shoot I like to get a familiarity to each client to better understand who you are as a person so as to capture the essence of you. I like to tailor each session to the individual so as to make each piece original and authentic as to who you are. I do shoot studio work, but I prefer natural light. Rydell Danzie started Ynot/SinPelo on 1/11/2011 out of a desire to shoot what he sees and show others his vision. Rydell's Directing style has sprouted from his acting and now the two disciplines go hand in hand. Rydell's niche is that of the age old communication of story telling and leans towards stories that are based off of real events and people. "greater care is taken when telling a true story....too visually lay out someone's vulnerabilities is a delicate process. We must do so with care and respect.. "When others say Y we say Y not......"