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HeatYourMeat™️ is an ALL PURPOSE Habanero seasoning that contains NO SALT…NO PRESERVATIVE…NO FILLERS or ANTI-CAKING AGENTS. It is GLUTEN FREE & KETO FRIENDLY. HeatYourMeat™️ is just Hot Pepper and Spices!  That’s it! So the more you add… the more flavor and heat you get… not salt like other seasonings!

Registering at between 300-500k scoville units, HeatYourMeat™️ has a great heat level but not too hot. More over the flavor is what keeps you coming back for more. (And did I mention NO SALT?)

HeatYourMeat™️ is incredibly versatile and is excellent on a vast array of foods. Every thing from Steak, to pork, chicken, fish, eggs, pizza, pasta, soups, salads and more!
On our website we have a FREE recipes page showcasing just a few of the simple and delicious ways you can use HeatYourMeat™️.


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Owner Profile

Marc Sorano

My name is Marc Sorano I am President of Andy’s World Famous LLC makers of HeatYourMeat™️ I served 9 years in the CT Army National Guard as a (44B) Metal Worker/Welder from 1996-2005 I started this company to bring my father’s recipe to the masses and to protect and trademark the name HeatYourMeat™️ . (Cuz let’s face it… it’s a cool name for a hot pepper seasoning!) Im currently a heavy equipment and railroad equipment mechanic for an electrical contractor here in CT, and a member of IBEW Local 42 High Voltage Electrical Worker’s Union. Slinging spices is part time for now but… who knows what the future holds? Thank you in advance for your support and checking out our products!