ARK – All-in-One Relocation Kit

Military Community Relocation App
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The All-in-one Relocation Kit (ARK) Mobile App was designed to reduce the suffering military families experience as a result of the faithful execution of their duties while moving from one duty station to another during the conduct of a PCS. Unfortunately, it takes an average of 6-12 months for a military spouse to make their first friend after they have arrived at their new duty station. Children are forced to abandon existing friendships and hope they can find and foster new ones. A house that became a home is often sold, a spouse leaves their job, and a new budget is drafted for a foreign economy. This stress is always a detriment to military families, and often becomes unbearable. Fortunately, there is a positive correlation between lasting marriages/families and the strength of the community that they belong to. We aim to transform the way the U.S. military conducts the movement of its service members by offering an All-in-one Relocation Kit (ARK) that solves the problem of social connection, long-distance move management, and wealth generation.

Owner Profile

Ernie Scott and Kyle Bond

Ernie Scott, a retired Lieutenant Colonel and 28-year veteran who served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force. As an enlisted Sailor, Ernie served as a Nuclear Trained Electrician. As an Air Force Officer, Ernie served as a Bioenvironmental Engineer. Throughout his military service he conducted three overseas deployments, serving in various leadership positions across a broad spectrum of military operations and diverse landscapes. Ernie is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology, and a graduate of Colorado State University with a M.S. in Radiological Health Sciences. His experience in the real estate and moving industries include sales of millions of dollars of real estate as an agent and entrepreneur, while also having managed the conduct of a vast variety of long-range movements as both a servicemember and agent. Kyle is the architect of the All-in-one Relocation Kit (ARK) concept. Previously, Kyle served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a U.S. Marine Raider at the Marine Special Operations Command. Throughout his 12 years of service and four overseas deployments, Kyle served in leadership positions ranging from small teams at the tactical level to multinational cohorts at the strategic and geopolitical level of military operations. Kyle is a graduate of Norwich University with a B.S. in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis. Kyle’s experience in the real estate and moving industries include 8 years of real estate investing, entrepreneurship as a real estate agent, and the conduct and management of a multiplicity of long-distance military moves throughout his years as a servicemember and agent.