Baskets and Beads Kenya

Dynamic Vision International Inc

Creating sustainable social enterprises and building self sustaining families through entrepreneurship one woman at a time.

Hand crafted fair trade baskets, beads, home and other products from women in poverty in Kenya.  We are a social enterprise incubator building sustainable social enterprises through teaching entrepreneurship, empowering education and remediating poverty and poverty mindset.

Fair Trade Federation Member.

Owner Profile

Eldonna Fernandez

Eldonna is a retired Air Force veteran and the founder of Baskets and Beads Kenya  and Dynamic Vision Foundation which helps women in a slum in Kenya eradicate poverty through entrepreneurism. Baskets and Beads provides a hand up not a hand out by marketing their hand crafted baskets, beads and other products. Through the sale of their handcrafted items in the U.S., many of the women have been able to leave prostitution and provide for their families. Eldonna works to find a market for their handcrafted items through online sales, retail sales, wholesaling to stores or selling with her book when she speaks. “Book and a Bead” is changing the lives of the women and their children. Visit for further information.