Blue Line Combatives

Self Defense and Combatives Courses

Blue Line Combatives is here to provide you with the most advanced and proven defensive combat techniques and skills you will ever need. Police and Corrections Officers often find themselves required to train in Defensive Tactics for their own safety and the safety of others, let us put a new spin and rejuvenate your skills of Defensive Tactics. Blue Line Combatives offers real world training that will change your tactics and view on going hands on with subjects.

Blue Line also offers customized classes for Civilians as well, check out our scenario based trainings; Women’s Defensive Combat , Men’s Combat, and our Kids Anti-Bullying Program, Beat-a-Bully!! Each is specifically designed and tailored to each group, we keep our class sizes small ensuring that everyone gets the deserved attention they need to learn and build confidence in the techniques that are taught. During the course you will find yourself in a real word scenario based situation that will put your skills to the test! We have found these scenario trainings to be the most beneficial to our clients, putting them as close to the real deal as possible.

Blue Line also offer classes and training for Active Shooter Response. With the world around us becoming more and more unpredictable its important that we protect our employees, clients, and everyone around us from the situation that no one ever wants to face an…ACTIVE SHOOTER! We posses the training and working knowledge to suit the needs of the Military, Law Enforcement, Civil Service, and Civilians. From groups of over a 100 to individual classes, Blue Line Combatives has the resources and experience to fulfill your needs in the world of Combatives and Active Shooter Response. Both Active Shooter Instructors are Federally recognized and have gone through Federal Training for this subject.

Owner Profile

Tim Berger

I have 6 years Military Service and 10 years Law Enforcement experience. During this time frame I have received 1,000s of hours of specialized training in the Field of Defensive Tactics and Active Shooter instruction. I am an active SWAT Team member, DT Instructor, Active Shooter Response Instructor and Use of Force Advisor. I have trained and certify every year with the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Family to be an instructor in Survival Tactics as well as Utah POST DT Instructor. I've trained numerous Military, Police, and Civilians on combative skills in professional and personal settings.