Broken Yeoman

Hand Made Fabric Accessories

Broken Yeoman creates hand made fabric accessories, specializing in hair ties (scrunchies) and donates 15% of the proceeds to the USO. The nostalgia of scrunchies alongside our obvious Navy related business name, act as a conversation starter that ultimately leads to a safe space to talk about mental health and addiction stigmas, as well as freely speaking about shared military experiences.

Broken Yeoman hopes to expand into providing an art share for transitioning veterans. For now, let’s rock some scrunchies, have real conversations, and redefine the word, “broken”.

Owner Profile

Jenilee Alejandro

<strong>Former YN1, Forever Advocate</strong> <em>What is Broken Yeoman?</em> New England Metal/Hardcore party scene kid turned squared-away Sailor...turned small business owner. My name is Jenilee. I was born and raised in the Western Massachusetts area. As an industrial truck driver, I worked hard and partied harder. In the wake of the economic crisis of 2008, I lost my union job at the factory that ultimately led to my enlistment in the US Navy. As an Undesignated Seaman, I continued the dirty work alongside the destructive heavy drinking. In 2013, I self-referred into the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) for my acute alcohol abuse. My sobriety date is 5/5/2013. My personal experience in the Navy fueled a fire full of advocacy, servant leadership, and support. As a Yeoman First Class, I medically retired in June of 2020 after years of faithful and honorable service. I maintain a tight network of mentors and veterans, remain in active recovery, and continue a life of representation to demolish negative stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health conditions. I am not ashamed of my journey; it is my life's purpose to remain loud about my recovery, experiences, and lessons learned in hopes of reaching someone who is struggling. It is in this limbo from Sailor to civilian that I have chosen a life of service to other veterans and active duty members. We all share a common thread and I have created a safe space for us to strengthen our unspoken bond. The scrunchies are a way for all of us to connect. An avenue for you to click a link, read my story, and start a conversation. It is also a way for me to give back to the organization that comforted me in the most stressful of times, the USO. From the layover to my first duty station in Norfolk to my long journey during my medical evacuation in both Oman and Germany, the selfless volunteers at the USO created a place of safety for all of us; a home away from home. Fifteen percent (15%) of all Broken Yeoman scrunchie proceeds are donated to the USO quarterly. Together, we can redefine the word “Broken".