Bucket of Bread

It's the next best thing since... sliced bread!

Bucket of Bread brand bread dough mixes are the highest quality vegan-friendly versatile doughs made from certified organic ingredients you can get on the internet. Just add lukewarm water, mix, rise, and start creating so many different baked goods! Get ready to use Bucket of Bread recipes to make easy homemade garlic knots, easy homemade pizza dough, cinnamon buns, breadsticks, pretzels, bagels, naan, or homemade doughnuts easy, in other words you can create whatever you can imagine! One bucket makes about 4 pounds of dough from certified organic ingredients and lasts up to 2-weeks in your fridge right in the bucket. It’s like meal prep for baking. Veteran owned and 10% profits are shared with charities fighting against food insecurity.

You’ll receive top-quality fresh dough mixes in a sealed bucket. The ingredients are 100% domestically sourced and include nutrient-rich certified organic whole grains without all the additives or preservatives. When you see and taste what you can so easily make with these mixes, you’ll certainly want more. Every bucket is made from 100% recyclable materials and every sale helps ‘raise dough’ for charities.

So enjoy some guilt-free baking. Feel good about making and using some really great fresh dough while also giving back to those in need.

Owner Profile

Christopher J. Wysong

I was born and raised on a little dirt road in central Iowa.  My mom let me join her in the kitchen. She made sure I could cook on my own when I grew up.  Some of my best memories of childhood are making noodles with my mom.  Eventually, I got interested in sports, the arts, band, and really anything I could experience while in high school. I was probably a middle-of-the-road student for grades.  This was probably due to my varied interests and desire to do as much as possible. After high school, I joined the military and found myself on a new adventure. My first duty station after my initial training was in Iraq driving a fuel truck and working as a petroleum specialist during the Gulf War for Operations Desert Shield and Storm.  I eventually ended up in Germany and later Saudi Arabia.  I finished my contract and then stayed in Germany as a civilian for a few years. By 1996 I had come back to the US and joined back up with the military performing various duties and traveling all over the world. In 2003, I was commissioned through Fort Benning’s Officers Candidate School in Georgia as an Ordnance Officer. I deployed again to Iraq in 2004.  In 2007, I married and deployed again in 2010 right after my son was born.  I divorced about 5 years later By 2018, I had retired as a senior captain working as a logistician from my last duty station in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. This is where my next story starts to take off as I move into discovering what it is like being a solopreneur at my company Bucket of Bread LLC making fresh dough mix!