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Helping You Become Comfortable in Your Skin
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The Colorado Dermatology Institute is one of the best dermatology clinics in Colorado Springs. Our mission is to help you be comfortable in your skin, and providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive dermatologic care to do it. We offer comprehensive treatments and protocols for medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology – including Mohs Micrographis Surgery.

We intend to create a comfortable, “green,” therapeutic environment that encourages health. Our job is to actively educate you on your diagnosis, discuss treatment options, and explain medication usage. Our cosmetic services enjoy a history of excellent results with proven safety when performed by a qualified physician. Dr. Anderson has specifically trained in aesthetic medicine during his three year dermatology residency, where he was supervised by a leader in aesthetic medicine. As a dermatologist, Dr. Anderson has knowledge on the most up-to-date cosmetic techniques and procedures, including the education to practice Cosmetic Dermatology.

We welcome you to the Colorado Dermatology Institute, and hope you leave with a positive feeling of “WOW!”

Owner Profile

Jeff Anderson

Dr. Reagan Anderson is an Osteopathic Doctor (DO). Having graduated from Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, Dr. Anderson attended the University of British Columbia for his Bachelor of Science and Biology, and Regent College for his Master of Christian Studies. Dr. Anderson was invited to attend the founding of the Osteopathic Medical School, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Once he enrolled, Dr Anderson was commissioned to the United States Navy. He spent most of his time serving the United States Marine Corps as the First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon. Dr. Anderson has said, "Over the five years I spent in the U.S. Navy, it was my distinct honor to serve the medical needs of the military men and women of our great country. This experience, particularly my tours in Iraq where I treated U.S. and coalition military members as well as Iraqi civilians, gave me extensive experience in recognizing and treating the underlying causes of dermatologic conditions.” Dr. Anderson pursued Dermatology upon leaving the military, and spent his three years as a resident of the Michigan State University Consortium/Oakwood Southshore Medical Center to follow his academic pursuits, including national and international lectures and publishing several dermatologic articles. In July 2010, he opened the Colorado Dermatology Institute to help people become comfortable in their skin.