DMZ Consulting LLC

Veteran Owned Business, Cybersecurity consulting services

DMZ Consulting is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) providing cybersecurity consulting services to small to medium businesses, non profits, organizations, schools, and more.

We offer the following services:

Vulnerability Assessment- An organized and understandable detailed assessment of your network showing security and vulnerability concerns, a risk assessment, and appropriate remediation. We provide you with a report that is detailed, organized, and provides your organization with actionable data to support business decision.

Network Penetration Testing- An automated and manual testing process to give you an “attackers” view of your organization. DMZ Consulting consultants use a specific assessment methodology to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities, with detailed documentation and actionable reporting that your organization can use to protect your assets and your future.

User Awareness Training- One of the most overlooked aspects of a security policy is the employee and their involvement. DMZ Consulting, working with your staff will educate and test employees to help protect your business against cybercrimes, including phishing and other social-engineering attacks.

Owner Profile

Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy is a U.S. Marine disabled combat veteran who works with different organizations within the veteran's community, focusing on veteran related issues (homelessness, PTSD, transitioning from military). He is an accomplished criminal investigator with over 15 years  of police service, and now working withing the cyber security community as a security consultant and advisor to veterans transitioning into cybersecurity. He has a professional background in cyber crime investigation while working as a police officer. Dennis worked as a criminal investigator for four years, where he investigated different crimes such as financial crimes, homicide, theft/burglary, sexual assault, and crimes against children. Here he developed his skills in digital forensic investigations, collecting digital electronic evidence and preserving it for presentation during criminal trials. He later started working on different projects involving security assessments, compliance and IT policy development, and open source intelligence gathering for missing and exploited children. Dennis has a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity and information assurance, along with several industry-leading IT certifications. This includes: (ISC2) Systems Security Certified Practitioner, CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst+ (CySA+), CompTIA PenTest+, Certified Penetration Tester and Vulnerability Assessor through WYWM Cybersecurity, Alexos ITIL v3 Foundations, CompTIA Network Security Professional, CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional, CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist, and CompTIA Project+ (IT Project Management).