Freedom Fleece Alpacas

Alpaca fleece products

We are a small Veteran owned and operated family farm.  We have 9 Alpacas right now, 4 adult females, 2 adult males and 3 baby males.

Alpaca fleece is an amazing product.  It is naturally hypoallergenic.  The fleece performs better than wool and cotton. It wicks away moisture from the skin allowing for amazing temperature regulation.  Wool will absorb 30% of its weight in water and cotton 40%.  No one wants that. Our Alpaca socks are amazing, and will be the best socks you’ve ever had.

Not only can you get the most amazing sock from Alpaca fleece, we have the softest and warmest gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, mittens and blankets. Even baby blankets. And since Alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin which makes it naturally hypoallergenic, it makes a great choice for babies.

Owner Profile

Tj Strother

Having a farm has always been a goal of mine. While deployed to Afghanistan, I received a pair of alpaca boot socks.  I fell in love with how amazing they were.  I wore them almost endlessly.  After 15 years in the Army, I retired and began the process of starting our farm. Alpacas are and intelligent animal, each having their own personality. They are not your average livestock.  Also, they are the easiest to care for.  The shearing of the Alpacas is done 100% humanely and is needed for the health of the animal.   Starting this farm has been a passion and long term goal of mine.  Now with the help of some great mentors, it is coming to light.