G Vibes

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We are a Veteran-owned Company dedicated to being a positive impact to Non-Profit Organizations worldwide while unifying the local community through our brand. We strive to inspire others to be their best-self while providing opportunities to help those in need. Our foundation is built on core values: Passion, Family, Faith, and Community. Become a part of our journey to change people’s lives through our brand. It’s more than a brand, but a way of life.

Owner Profile

Britny Brown

Britny Brown is an Active Duty Marine who has served for 9 years. Before G Vibes she owned a home-based company, Thrill Threads, which was dedicated to helping the local community on Guam. In Spring of 2020, the world was hit with COVID-19, bringing an onslaught of uncertainty, fear, and anticipation of unknown things. It also brought with it an opportunity to show the heart of God through community, compassion, and altruism. It was during this time that our company, G Vibes, came to life. Over the course of the last three months, our company has dedicated itself to unburdening the local community through fundraising efforts alongside non-profit organizations. These collaborations have allowed us to fund-raise enough money to provide masks to the local homeless population, feed families-in-need with Kadu Caregivers, provide basic amenities for displaced mothers and children with Alee Shelter, and offer care packages for the elderly who reside at St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home. As we continue to be there for our local community, we want to spread our wings nationally to help other Veteran owned Non-Profit Organizations with their mission. Our brand represents having the "go-giver" spirit, doing all we can to help those in need. We pride ourselves on making a positive impact while influencing others to do the same.