Graphic Design Service

We bring your visions to life.

Here, emphasis is placed on mastering your vision while being able to express it in the most unique of ways. When scheduling any service with KPP, you immediately understand that you are a priority to us-that’s why we require a free, 30-minute consultation prior to booking new clients. This opportunity provides the chance to ensure the utmost level of accuracy when creating each personal package. Services can be combined or utilized separately to tailor to your specific needs.

Owner Profile

Kennedy Page

I am a Army veteran and I love to create. I start designing in 2009 where I was taught how to design by a friend while deployed. In 2011 when I was discharged from the Army I started to teach myself  how to design with Adobe programs. Later in the years I went to college and obtain a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. In my spare to I design and farm. I enjoy bringing clients visions to life.