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Owner Profile

Michael Schwartz

I began my military career at Dyess AFB as a B1-Bomber Engine mechanic. I was told that there were no graphic artists in the Air Force, which I discovered 3 days after being on base, I had been lied to. I fought tooth and nail to get into the career field for 5 years, and finally was able to crss train into visual communications. Worked 3 years at the 436th training Squadron and then was bale to get a special duty at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. As an original plankowner, I helped stand up NORAD/USNORTHCOM as the lead graphic designer for the Command. In 2008 the Air Force decided to phase out the career field that I had fought so hard to get into, and I was faced with a very difficult choice. Thus I separated after 12 years to continue doing what I am most passionate about for a living.