Hard 2 Steer

Where the hard becomes possible

Our vision is re-shaping the family dynamic of veterans and their families from suffering from PTSD, TBI, and depression by using alternative therapies.

We focus on areas that clinical therapy and prescriptions do not support. We do not take away from these things, we want to fill in the gaps and get everyone in the family unit on the same page.

Owner Profile

William and Khristmas Stokes

William is a medically retired veteran who served 12 years in the Army. Three combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. William suffers from PTSD, TBI, and depression along with several physical ailments. He attempted suicide after his last deployment and has been in-patient three different times. Through everything his wife, Khristmas Stokes has stood by his side. Through all the symptoms of PTSD, TBI, and depression, Khristmas and their three children also suffered from secondary symptoms. Clinical therapy helped both William and Khristmas but it did not keep them together. What kept them together was alternative therapies like equine therapy. Through these therapies they were able to get on the same page with how to support each other through everything.