Holistic Transitions

To sum it up; we are a non-profit, our services are free and this is what we do:

Social, education and employment services
Transitioning programs for service members returning to civilian community
Post-traumatic stress and trauma recovery programs
Veteran compensation claim services
Enhance ability to effectively communicate boundaries, personal and professional desires
Mind, body, spirit healing
Step by step plans to execute healthy decisions for well being
Necessary coping skills and peer support to assist with post-traumatic stress, and other mental health related symptoms and stressors
Appropriate nutritional education, alternative healing methods, and creative coping skills specific to the individual
Advocate for anything we can advocate for really

We are creative and organic in our healing and self empowering methods. Please reach out to us to learn more about how we can assist you or how you can get involved!

Owner Profile

Melissa Johnson

Melissa grew up in a small town by the name of Madison, Florida. After graduating high school in 2007, she joined the United States Air Force and began to travel the world. Once finishing her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Relations, and having come from a long line of ancestors who have fought and served in many wars, she realized she had the capability and compassion to bring a revolution of change and healing to the veteran community. Melissa has facilitated and spearheaded public outreach, community awareness, disaster relief and veteran support since 2013. She has supported humanitarian efforts here in the United States, throughout Peru, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, England, Scotland, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, all while learning holistic healing modalities, nutritional education, meditation practices, yoga, self-reflecting techniques, culture and of course expanded love and awareness. Melissa is determined to bridge the gaps in veteran care. In January 2020, Melissa founded Holistic Transitions. Holistic Transitions is a not for profit organization in Saint Augustine Beach, FL that offers: ☼Social, education and employment services ☼Trauma recovery programs and education ☼Mind, body, spiritual healing ☼Coping skills & peer support Since January, Holistic Transitions has been successfully supporting veterans and service members returning to the civilian community. They believe that holistic means taking care of the whole being. It means taking all aspects of the individual into consideration when working towards healing; spiritual, mental, and social factors not just the symptoms and stigmas of the disability. Holistic Transitions can be reached via social media, website or through email at info@holistictransitions.org.