Horsepower Therapy

Healing Wounds, Visible and Hidden, One Race at a Time


We use horsepower therapy to support, empower, and enrich the lives of America’s veterans, combat-wounded veterans and their families to heal from their wounds; both visible and hidden.

We provide opportunities for those veterans and their families to experience the fun and fellowship of horsepower therapy and the bond shared by all veterans during track events, car and bike shows, trail events, and industry events by sponsoring their participation and getting them involved.

Our Goals:

  • Provide methods and opportunities for veterans and families to be around cars, trucks, jeeps and experience the benefit of horsepower therapy.
  • Raise awareness of the visible and invisible wounds that veterans and family members experience every day as a result of their selfless service to our country.
  • Plan new and support existing events, including track days, drag races and speed-fests, trail events, as well as industry trade and car shows that veterans and family members can attend free of cost.
  • Always lead through actions, not words to help out veterans and their families


Owner Profile

Brian Russell

I am a retired Army Special Operations Aviator, and former enlisted Marine.  I have served multiple combat tours in support of  Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and the Global War on Terrorism. As you might guess, I am an avid car and bike guy.  I have build five vehicles for SEMA Show in Las Vegas and love to tinker in the garage. I am often asked what Horsepower Therapy means - Horsepower therapy means different things to different people.  For me, a career Special Operations Aviator, horsepower therapy refers to the benefit that my hobby motorcycles and cars have brought me over the years as I’ve watched, designed, tinkered, wrenched, raced, motored with friends or just driven off by myself to hear the sound of the road. Horsepower therapy also includes the comfort of sinking into a challenging car project, watching the road unfold ahead, or spending countless hours standing and sitting around with buddies talking through the smallest details of what we have done and dream of doing with horsepower. Horsepower therapy can be found in the sound of the engine, the vibration of a wide-open throttle, the rush of speed, or even seeing the lines of a beautiful design.  Horsepower therapy simply feels good. There is no therapy, like Horsepower Therapy!