House of Man

The House of Man is a 501(c)3 organization that is raising awareness of the growing suicide rate amongst veterans and civilians in the USA.

The House of Man creates a culture without the damaging stigmas around mental health that keep people suffering in silence. The House of Man wants to help educate and guide people to start their own journey to heal. Together, we can help to put an end to suicide through support and education.

Owner Profile

Greg C Washington

Greg is an infantry officer who has served his country in Afghanistan and Iraq during the campaigns following the 9-11 attacks on the world trade centers. His exceptional leadership skills in hostile situations were recognized by his leaders when they awarded him the Joint Service Commendation Medal. After leaving the service Greg moved into operations management where he has worked as an Executive Manager of Materials Management in Shell Oil Company's Contract and Procurement Division. Department manager who led a service teams for a leading elevator company, Unitec Elevators, in New York City. He also consulted on cannabis cultivation projects in Michigan and California and examine performance of asset managers in the multifamily housing space. Greg is a dynamic, high-energy professional with an intense focus on maximizing the financial performance of joint ventures and partnerships. He flourishes in fast-paced and challenging environments and uses his multi-disciplined experiences, ability to lead from a distance, deep strategy background and uncanny resourcefulness to deliver results to his comrades. Greg is a graduate from West Point where obtained a degree in Engineering Management with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering and has an Executive MBA from the University of Tulane with a concentration in Finance.