Jacks Mountain Self-Care Co.

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Self-Care Consults
  • Does it seem like the accomplishments on your DD-214 don’t match up with the uncertainty you feel now?
  • Are you struggling with your sense of purpose, identity, and belonging?
  • Are you tired of one-size-fits-none self-care that doesn’t take into account all of your experiences?
  • Do you want a personalized roadmap that takes into account your physical, mental, and spiritual self-care?

Combining experience in herbalism, mental health, and faith, we offer online and in-person self-care consults integrating physical, mental, and spiritual wellness in order to help you clear the clouds and navigate post-service terrain. We believe your post-military life can be just as fulfilling and purposeful without 1SG telling you what to do. You’ll receive a custom herbal good developed based on your consult, along with a custom self-care plan.

*Please note that we are not licensed mental health or medical health professionals and don’t offer counseling or medical advice.*

We also have a brick and mortar shop (Jacks Mountain Tea) selling ready-made herbal goods to support veteran self-care concerns, like:
– sleep (getting there and staying there)
– your body’s natural detoxification systems
– calm and grounding
– nerves and your nervous system
– post-workout (or post-long day) muscles
– and more

Our herbal goods are made with with locally grown and harvested herbs when possible, and organic herbs.

Our herbal goods also often include copal resin, a zero-THC CBD alternative.

When you book your self-care consult, mention Veterans Referring Veterans to receive:
+ An extra session if you book Explore
+ An extra herbal good if you book Restore

Owner Profile

Alan and Elizabeth Rains, Doug Smith, Corey Mercke

Alan is an Army veteran with 26 years of service. Originally serving in ILRRPS, Alan's career spanned multiple units and MOSes and 11 deployments. Alan currently mans the storefront and deals with people as our PR person. Elizabeth is a chaplain and herbalist. She also has a background in mental health and combines her education and training to help you connect experiences and better understand yourself. As the founder, she's often in her office seeing clients or harvesting herbs. Doug is an Army veteran and former medic. He serves as both the president and oversees the vending machines and ads that increase our distribution throughout Central Texas. Corey is a Navy veteran and can most often be found manning the storefront and serving up tea.