Sustainable Veteran Communities

Mattersville is a non-profit organization founded to build sustainable Veteran Communities.  Designed to help Veterans who suffer from PTSD and homelessness, but also for job training, learning how to be a civilian again.  Our communities are self sustaining and require the residents to participate in programs in order to live onsite.  Utilizing a variety of options we will be self sustaining and eventually support other mattersville communities creating a network of support that is totally self sustainable.

Owner Profile

Paul Trujillo

Paul is a Former Army Medic and US Marine.  He was born and raised on Colorado and currently Lives in Pueblo West CO and has two daughters.  Since leaving the Corps, Paul has had a variety of jobs in construction, weld inspection, private security and sales just to name a few.  Currently Paul works for AX CO Solar and Roofing out of Pueblo and works with TSYS merchant services.