O Dark Thirty Woodworks LLC

O Dark Thirty Woodworks

Handmade, custom wooden pieces of functional art.

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Jonathan Erickson

Welcome to O Dark Thirty Wood Works, my name is Jon Erickson.  I am a Husband, Father, Protector and woodworker.  I  live in Huntsville, Alabama, and I currently work as a Defense Contractor supporting the same military system I worked with for over 20 years. I retired from the military (Army) back in 2015. My relationship with woodworking started back in a Southern Oregon High School Woodshop class. I really enjoyed working with my hands and creating functional pieces of art.  After graduating High School, I raised my right hand and swore to protect this great country of ours. My time was dedicated to Uncle Sam, and my family, which did not allow me the time needed to pursue my passion of woodworking. Fast forward some 20 plus years later, and here I am, moving to a state that I have never lived in before and my first new job in over 20 years! I was a little shocked at first, but then everything just started falling into place. I have to thank the man upstairs for this great blessing. One of the best things to "fall into place" was meeting the love of my life, my beautiful wife Mary Erickson. Shortly after meeting her, I found myself on bended knee asking her to share the rest of her life with me, and shockingly enough she said yes!! Her patience and love for me has giving me all of the motivation I needed to follow my dreams of becoming a woodworker. I still dream of doing this full time, and will hopefully soon be able to make this dream my reality.