Project: InStride

A New Mission, in a New World

We at Project: InStride are a startup Veteran Services Organization that seeks to help ease the transition and facilitate the success of service members moving back in to civilian life. Every family’s need at the end of service is different.   Navigating the various systems can be very difficult.

Benefits Compensation, Jobs, Certifications, Mental Healthcare, Accredited Educational Opportunities, and Business Ownership Opportunities are everywhere.  We want to put the GREAT ones in one place, where everyone has access, and put our Service men and women at the head of the line.

Help us build a sustainable solution to the problems our returning sisters and brothers face.  Want to know more? Message us at

Enlist, Serve and Earn your stripes today!

Owner Profile

Charlie Villarosa

Charlie is  a US Navy Veteran (OEF/OIF), Aviation Electrician's Mate, honorably discharged after 5 years of service.  Since his discharge in 2006 he has obtained a B.S. in Accounting, and an MBA.  He owns a small Boxing focused facility in Denver Colorado. The goal of Project:InStride is to bridge the service gap for many Veterans facing challenges upon return from Active Duty.  This project will change lives.