Raging Beard Coffee Company

Veteran owned coffee that is roasted only when ordered.

Our coffee isn’t designed around the feeble in mind. Our coffee descriptions alone have been known to hospitalize people!

Besides a few laughs from reading our coffee descriptions, we don’t roast any beans until they are ordered! We make sure you get the freshest roast possible!

We are constantly trying out new coffees from around the world to offer on our site as well as blends that will make your mouth sing, even if you can’t!

Owner Profile

Thomas Gordon

Having served in the US Army for almost 7 years and worked in the PMC world for almost the same amount of time, I wanted to improve on something I use daily...coffee. I work in IT and hope to one day be 100% allocated to my coffee company so I can really dig in daily on bringing more delicious ways to quench your thirst! I try to keep it funny and a tad obnoxious, but we take our coffee seriously!