REE Medical

Coordinating Care for Veterans

At REE Medical, we are passionate about providing veterans with a top-notch service and connecting them with physicians who will complete accurate and thorough medical documentation. We work with a network of doctors nationwide who believe that veterans deserve the very best our country has to offer!

When working with REE Medical, you will feel confident knowing that your service-connected disabilities will be properly documented. Our team of dedicated professionals will be with you through each step of our process.

If you are a veteran with a worsening service-connected disability, or have been denied service-connection for a disability, contact us today for a free consultation!

Owner Profile

REE Medical

REE Medical is a neutral third-party company that coordinates the care between veterans and private physicians for re-evaluation exams and Nexus Letters for VA disability claims. Our number one priority is ensuring each veteran receives exceptional service before, during, and after our process. We assist veterans nationwide who suffer from physical and mental disabilities connected to their time in service.