Those Who Gave

WIA/KIA Symbol

This symbol honors the sacrifices of our wounded, fallen and their families. Not all wounds are visible and no loss affects just one individual. This strong symbol stands with an outline of the Purple Heart for our Wounded in Action (WIA), a Battlefield Cross for our Killed in Action (KIA) and the words: All Gave Some, Some Gave All, in honor of those who gave so much for us and our freedoms. Some tend to honor our warriors with the POW/MIA symbol but it has its own meaning. It is time for our wounded and fallen to have a symbol of their own.

Owner Profile

Grey Rodriguez

After serving as an Infantry Squad Leader during the invasion of Iraq with A Co 1-325 AIR, 82nd Airborne Division and then as an overseas Security Contractor for a few years I went on to live the so called, “normal” life. However, something was missing. I needed to still serve a cause greater than myself. A way to be able to give back. That’s when this symbol was born. The inspiration came from real life experiences I’ve had while serving.