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TreeARMY was founded on the premise of helping fellow veterans reintegrate into the community by giving them a purpose, a feeling of self-worth, and a mission. The legend we call Master Chains found too many of his soldiers and brethren were struggling to find employment, housing, and losing the battle to unseen wounds such as TBI and PTSD.

“As a senior NCO in the US Army, it was my duty to identify solutions to issues my soldiers were facing and help them succeed. One of my soldiers was having a very hard time after being discharged from the Army. He was using substances to self-medicate, destroying his family and career. I invited him to come out and help me to cut a few trees down for a neighbor. Once we got in the rhythm of working with the chainsaws and ropes and physically moving the lumber, his entire demeanor changed. He was calmer, able to laugh, and we were able to finish the project in record time. I think we both enjoyed that day more than we expected. A few weeks later he reached out to me to share how much that moment meant to him. What a sense of calm he felt handling the chainsaw, having a task and feeling of accomplishment, being back on a team. he shared that he had wanted to end his life and that he had gotten the help he needed because he identified what was missing in his life. I knew at that moment that we could make a difference and give back.”

Today TreeARMY  is a full-service tree company serving all boroughs of NYC, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Orange Counties. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, fair prices, and tree work done with the health and safety of your trees in mind. We work closely with Government agencies, The NYC Parks Department, The Botanical Garden, and many others to ensure our equipment and techniques are the best of the best.
TreeARMY employs veterans and military dependents, donates all hardwood to veterans to heat their homes, donates mulch to local NYC community gardens, and volunteers its services and vehicles at Natural Disaster zones around the country!

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Owner Profile

Nick Lynch

After serving 21 years in the US Army, owner Nick and his wife Joelle started TreeARMY with the intention of hiring only veterans and giving special care to those who were struggling to transition to civilian life. Through community outreach, and community service we have been able to donate almost 1000 hours to veterans in need of tree service, disaster relief services, and debris removal. Our mulch is donated to local community gardens and our hardwood is donated to veterans in need of firewood! We have joined an amazing movement to help feed our communities in need! Check out of Friendly Fridge! <a href=""></a>