Bank of America Launches a Lending Program for U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

Bank of America Launches Lending Program for U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

Bank of America Launches a Lending Program for U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

The veteran entrepreneurs program increases access to affordable loans for veteran owned businesses.

Bank of America is helping veterans translate their skills and become entrepreneurs.  As a result, driving the U.S. economy. Bank of America is thanking veterans for their service.

Loans are administered through community development financial institutions. These institutions have expertise in lending to small businesses.  Therefore, they also have a better understanding of local circumstances including economic development and job creation opportunities.

The community development financial institution for Colorado is Colorado Enterprise Fund.

Recognizing military veterans that have the skills and discipline to be small business owners. For instance, they know veterans will service their customers, employees and community the way they served their country. The veteran loans from Colorado Enterprise Fund are called VALOR loans, which stands for Veteran Access Loan Opportunity Resource. To learn more about locations outside of Colorado, visit

Do you have an incredible idea that you just know could blossom into your life’s work? Maybe you’re on to something. Something big. Colorado Enterprise Fund is a lending partner.  And above all, they want to see your future as clearly as you do.

Expanding Colorado’s entrepreneurial spirit

They want to expand Colorado’s entrepreneurial spirit. Colorado Enterprise Fund is helping Colorado veterans access opportunity and contribute to our state’s economic vitality. Above all, they want to make someone’s dream of owning a small business a reality!

Every year, over 200,000 United States service members retire. However, that includes an average of 10% that want to own a business. In addition, there are currently an estimated 2.5 million businesses in the United States that are majority owned by veterans. in conclusion, 2.5 million, 440,000 veteran-owned businesses have employees which helps to drive economic growth and create job opportunities in our community.

If you are a veteran and you have a veteran owned company, sign up with us today!