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Black Ink Coffee Company –

Black Ink Coffee Company  Hey everyone, my name is Parker and I own Black Ink Coffee Company. I started this venture a few months back while I was deployed and have been working hard on it ever since. This coffee business is special to me and it is important that I see it through. Not only because I love coffee, but because I am passionate about serving. In addition to serving coffee, I will be serving and giving back to a very special community that is near and dear to my heart, veterans… you!

This business began while I was deployed, I was inspired by the people in the coffee industry for the free coffee care packages that they sent us. Each containing a special message and a taste that reminded me of home. I knew that I needed to return the favor when I came home and that is where Black Ink Coffee Company began. It is my dream to be able to send free coffee to our troops, as well as donate to various veteran charities and organizations. That is where I need your help!

Black Ink Coffee Company  I will be launching a Kickstarter shortly once I have enough people interested in backing me. The crowdfund is to cover my startup costs, primarily the coffee roaster. In addition to the recognition on my website and a few other surprise rewards I will be giving out, each backer will receive some awesome rewards that they can pick and choose from. The people that sign up will be the first to know when the campaign launches, which will give you a chance to receive discounted and early bird rewards. So if you want to help and be part of making this dream come true, I could use your support, thank you <3